What is Jumpstart?


JumpStart??? Don’t worry :-), you got no problem with your car. And believe me you are not in the garage looking for your mechanic.

Jumpstart section is a tutorial section which is intended for some short and precise CODE, which will relieve the prospective reader from dwelling into hundreds of words of OUTSTANDING but long articles.

Let me clear off the confusion which I created in the above para, I mentioned short and precise for Jumpstart and then outstanding for articles, by saying so, what do I mean? Okay, let’s go to our kitchen for some time, well I am hungry so let me make a salad, oh wow! It’s done in no matter of time, Okay, now it’s time to check whether all ingredients got in appropriate proportions in our recipe. So let’s taste a small sample of the salad for a quick review, Incredible, yummy!!!! :-). Coming back to my explanation, I can only fulfill my hunger, by having the complete salad, but at the same time one should not forget the importance of the SAMPLE which not only gave us the initial taste and flavor, but also it introduced us to the recipe. I think by this time, you got understood – “what do I mean?”

It’s time for me to gather all my intentions (which are responsible for Jumpstart) buried in my brain –

  • These tutorials are provided in short with just only code.
  • Even though they are small, important points and mandatory warnings are written to the respective post appendix.
  • Description of code is provided by NECESSARY inline comments in the code.
  • Code is completely tested and published by me under complete health prosperity :-)

Now I would like to give an opportunity to my DISCLAIMER for Jumpstart tutorials, to get it presented by itself.

  • Most of my code is helpful in understanding the concepts of the technology, but it may not intended for direct usage in any ongoing project.
  • The best possible outcome of the tutorials can be predicted only if, they are used appropriately in appropriate situations. I may not testify the complete set of anticipated situations where that particular respective code would best fit, but it is the part of the reader by himself to judge the situation and get the best out of the concept.
  • Comments are invited to make my posts more robust. I will expand my post in case of good suggestions. All irrelevant Comments are moderated.
  • IMPORTANT – For people, who are seeking help for some code, I advise you to read my About – IntStrings page before contacting me. In some exceptional cases, I do try to write some code, but it strictly depends on my leisure time and personal interest.
  • Complete disclaimer of IntStrings – Read Here
  • For further queries – Contact Me

Finally, the main motive behind Jumpstart shocks :-) is to be a forever part of ASP.Net and C#.Net community (which I like the most). If even a single person is benefited with the content of IntStrings, then it shows IntStrings had been travelling in the correct path (which it intended for).

Enjoy the stay at IntStrings.