About Intstrings

The birth of this project came from a very simple fundamental formula of life – "EEE". Do not misunderstand EEE with Electronics and Electrical Engineering, but it is "Envision, Explore, Expose". When I started off this project 5 years ago, my primary intention is to create a platform for myself where I can experiment and learn new things. I used to experiment with most annoying requirements (I used to create them for myself) one can think off. I created POC’s for long running web tasks, implement chat in ASP.Net, tried to host ASP.Net Pages outside IIS etc. Fortunately some of my early nitty-gritty POC’s were actual realities now (don’t get me wrong, I never created SignalR, Katana etc.,). Thanks to the extensive developer community (both proprietary and open source) for these wonderful innovations.

Now looking back at 5 beautiful years with technology, I feel proud and at the same time I regret (I am not talking about my past/present employers). The main reason to regret is that I was not able to predominantly contribute to technical community in a larger extent. This is the main reason, I am more focused on "EEE" like never before. In this approach I am going to collaborate more with online technical communities, envision prospective opportunities, explore different new technologies and finally provide solutions.

To re-define after its birth 5 years ago, Intstrings is a platform where custom solutions will be delivered for hand picked developer problems. Even though the main vision is to Ideate and Innovate, I wanted to first get started by exploring, understanding and implementing new technical trends. Intstrings is just that first step. Even though this step is a baby step, it will accelerate the future outcomes. At Intstrings, my readers can find typical solutions to common day to day developer requirements, tips for being productive, product and tools evaluations, book reviews, etc., and last but not least provide custom solutions to specific developer needs.

As a next step, I would release small to medium developer products (it can be Nugets, plugins, DLL’s etc.,), through which developer productivity spikes up in less timeframe. I may not be able to tell exactly when I am going to achieve this step, but my roadmap looks promising.

At this junction, I want to give clarity on one important point “All the solutions provided in this website are contextual and works in AS-IS situations”. What I mean is that, they might not work in all given real life situations. My primary intention is to provide a thought process which would encourage my readers to extend/enhance the given solutions to fit their requirements.

I would also urge my readers not think of this site as Q&A forums. Even though I try my best to live up to the expectations, I would suggest to reach out to the community through forums.asp.net or StackOverflow. In fact those places nurtured me to a better professional in technology.



Intstrings is my own personal website. All views, suggestions and recommendations expressed  in this site are confined to me and only me. They are not portrayed nor mentioned as standardized solutions or acclaimed technical concepts. The content in this website is not owned or supported by any of my past or present employers. I am not using any of my past/present employers resources/code/thoughts/ideologies in providing technical solutions through this website.

The code incorporated in this website is written and tested by me in visual studio; in case of any failure of any code feel free to leave a comment using comments section and I will correct it as quickly as I can. All irrelevant comments will be moderated. Any comments having abusive content will not be published.

For any other queries which are not in correspondence with the content of this website, use the Contact page to send me an email and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

The solutions and corresponding developments (code) made in this site are achieved according to my ideology. They may suit some of the real world demands and also they may not, it’s precisely the responsibility of the person who intended to use any of the material placed in this site. I cannot guarantee to my readers that the solutions which are mentioned in this portal are going to be the appropriate ones in case of similar situations. All resources mentioned in this portal can be to linked to/copy/bookmark or otherwise make use of any of the code if it is useful, provided at your own risk. But you may not copy the complete post or replicate it else where in the web.


A bit about me

And here goes a little bit about me, my name is Rami Vemula, I am a Microsoft MVP, MCP, MCTS. I currently working as a Technology Consultant for a reputed Multi nation Consulting Firm. My primary job duty is to lead a team of talented developers and provide scalable software solutions for complex business problems through modern day Web technologies and Cloud infrastructure. My main focus is on Microsoft Technologies, which includes ASP.Net MVC/WebAPI, JQuery, C#, SQL Server and Azure. I am a Microsoft Certified ASP.Net and Azure Developer.

Microsoft recognized me with its prestigious MVP Award for 4 continuous years (2011 – 2014). I am an active trainer, I train interested professionals in Microsoft Web Stack. I develop custom training content (on needed basis) and deliver sessions on it.

I am holding Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University Long Beach, USA. I am married and lives with my wife and parents in Hyderabad, India.

Besides programming I am interested in watching movies and catch up with political news. I enjoy coffee discussions with friends on current affairs. I am a big fan for John Grisham and Sydney Sheldon novels.



Last but not least, I would like to thank my mom, dad and wife for making me what I am today. My wonderful family, hats off to them. By gods grace I made some extraordinary friends through out my life till date, I would like to thank them for their support. A special thanks to M.Sanjay Kumar for walking with me through out my life and helping me in making good conscious decisions. Finally my earnest honors to my designer A.Niraj Kumar for his exceptional effort invested in Intstrings.