How to stop Visual Studio automatically restoring nuget packages?


I want to know how to stop Visual Studio automatically restoring nuget packages for newly created ASP.Net 5 project. also when project.json changes, VS will try to attempt to get the changed versions. How to stop it.

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Hi Megha,

You can turn off automatic nuget package restore in Visual Studio by editing default package manager options.

Open Visual Studio –> Tools –> Options –> Nuget Package Manager –> General. Uncheck “Allow Nuget to download missing packages” setting. Close and open Visual Studio.

Remember that once you remove this setting, you have to manually restore nuget packages on any project.json changes (including when app was created for first time).


To restore nuget packages manually, right click References and select Restore Packages option.


You can also update the packages for a project from Nuget Package Manager Console of Visual Studio. You can open it by Tools –> Nuget Package Manager –> Package Manager Console.


Then execute the following command.


Happy Coding and Stay Tuned!!!

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