JumpStart # 32– Prevent ASP.Net Page to load in Cross-domain IFrame

In this short jumpstart, I am going to show how to prevent loading of an ASP.Net MVC page in a cross domain iframe using traditional HttpModules. We use HTTP header “X-Frame-Options” to prevent the loading of page in iframe, but instead of injecting this header on every code file, we use a HttpModule to configure this header as a site wide option. Here we use X-Frame-Options to “Same Origin” so that iframe requests from same domain will be served and rest all ignored.

X-Frame-Options does support couple of other values – DENY and ALLOW-FROM. When set to deny, all the requests even from the same origin will be denied, that means applications pages can never be loaded in any iframe. Allow-from will make the application pages available to only the iframes which are hosted on specific pages with URL specified in Allow-from.

Lets get started by creating an MVC5 application in Visual Studio 2013.


Create a HttpModule as shown below.

using System;
using System.Web;

namespace WebApplication2
    public class CustomResponseHeadersModule : IHttpModule
        public void Init(HttpApplication context)
            context.PreSendRequestHeaders += new EventHandler(ctx_PreSendRequestHeaders); 

        void ctx_PreSendRequestHeaders(object sender, EventArgs e)
            HttpContext context = ((HttpApplication)sender).Context;
            context.Response.AddHeader("X-Frame-Options", "SAMEORIGIN");

        public void Dispose()

Add the created HttpModule in the System.webServer node of Web.Config file.

    <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false"/>
        <remove name="CustomResponseHeadersModule" />
        <add name="CustomResponseHeadersModule" type="WebApplication2.CustomResponseHeadersModule" />
      <remove name="FormsAuthenticationModule" />

Now lets run the application by click F5.


Use the URL and create a simple html page to test the loading of the application in iframe. Have the following html in the created sample page.

    <iframe src='http://localhost:47874/'></iframe>

Open the page in browser, and iframe will not be loaded with application home page.


Now lets comment out the X-Frame-Options HTTP header and re-run the application. When we go to the iframe page, it will not show the application page because we do not have X-Frame-Options in the page.


Happy Coding!!!

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