Publish Two Visual Studio Projects to single AzureWebsite

In this short tutorial, I am going to show how to publish TWO different Visual Studio Web Projects to a single AzureWebsite. At times we might required to separate architecturally our web components to multiple physical Visual Studio projects to address separation of code concerns. Even though we maintain them separately, we have to publish them (or host them) on a single website. I am going to demonstrate step by step process on how to publish multiple projects to a single AzureWebsite and make every web component work as expected.

Lets get started by creating an AzureWebsite -


Now we are going to setup an additional application in the created website as follows. Navigate to Configuration tab and create an application as shown below –


So basically we reserved ‘/’ to MVC part and then ‘/webapi’ to webapi endpoints.

Now create Two projects in Visual studio solution, one project is holding MVC pages and other holding WebApi endpoints.


As a next step, download publishsettings file of above created AzureWebsite. Import the publishsettings file to the Visual studio MVC project (right click the project and select publish) as shown below -


Similarly publish the WebApi project by importing the same publishsettings file. But we need to change the Destination URL and Site name to the newly created application details. Please check below screenshot –


Publish both the projects.

Now navigate to for the MVC site. And navigate to for WebApi endpoints.




Happy Coding!!!

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