Being a Microsoft MVP for third consecutive time

First of all I would like to convey my heartiest new year wishes to one and all. I wish may god bless you all with good fortunes, health and happiness. I do wish a prospective future and career for one and all.

Personally, I had a very good start to 2013. On Jan 1st evening, I was re-awarded with MVP award for 2013 by Microsoft in the technology of ASP.Net/IIS. This is the third consecutive time I was being awarded, I feel honored and proud. Before getting into details, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Microsoft for recognizing me from past three years and consistently helping me in learning and in reaching out to global audience with my voice.

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2012 was a great year for me in terms of knowledge sharing and learning. And both my first best teacher and first student in 2012 is ASP.Net Community. I have spend quite a good time in writing answers to questions and involving in technical debates through lengthy conversations. I am fortunate to be last year’s top answered technical contributor at I am very happy for being a part of TOP 15 Hall of Fame members. I need to thank community as a whole for being so generous to me.

In 2012, I started exploring the in depth concepts of SQL Server. But to begin with SQL, I started writing some basic articles with some code snippets in TSQL. I am going to continue this series with more advanced articles covering from programming concepts to DBA operations. Apart from SQL, I investigated more concepts in ASP.Net MVC along with EF and related JQuery developments. Always Microsoft technologies fascinate me with its rich APIs. So I am thankful for all product developers/managers back at Microsoft for shipping such wonderful technologies. Its all because of your hard work and vision we are able to solve lot of business problems very easily and effectively.

I need to thank 3 extraordinary people (about whom I am going to talk in more detailed posts because such a small post like this is not going to be enough to share importance of these guys, so as of now lets keep them mysterious) for staying with me through out and helping/mentoring me in different areas with their enormous experiences. They shared their knowledge in psychological aspects, personal career development and also in business decision makings which really helped me in providing solutions to my customers and stakeholders. They in fact motivated me to make more impact on Microsoft Technologies and related communities. I personally believe in mentoring and being mentored by high end professionals and with these people mentioned at the beginning I confirm I am right in my quote on mentorship. They picked me up when I am in low energy and transformed me to sustain and persist energy levels, that’s where they made a difference to me.

I should congratulate my family for supporting me through out. They have created a wonderful environment around me with lot of joy and happiness which helped me to be more enthusiastic in my contributions to life and community.

This post is going to be incomplete without me mentioning about my friends. I have such a wonderful friends, who do believe in me than themselves and consistently encourage me for what I am trying to accomplish. They even take care of me in my day to day stuff and creating enough breathing space for me to do prototypes and participate in technical discussions. I need to thank my present employer for creating high end challenges for me and helping me in solving them., thank you for being so wonderful work environment.

Last but not least, I have to thank all my readers and ASP.Net community fellow members for making me involved in such an awesome technical world. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be reaching out these new heights. You guys always made me to explore and solve different/difficult technical problems. I always enjoy the most spending time with you guys. Thank you for being part in my world.

I promise everybody that even in 2013 I would show the same passion and commitment to all my counterparts and continue my journey in serving the community at its best. I will be frequently updating my blog with new advanced concepts along side I would spend considerable time in extending helping hands at ASP.Net forums to my friends. I am in fact planning for a small open source ASP.Net project (it would take some time), and make the same as package of tutorials through articles. The main aim of this project is to cover most of the contemporary design and development techniques in Microsoft technologies and share the same in a series of articles. Thereby helping new technical enthusiasts with a way to get started off a project. Anyways, this idea is very premature at this junction, and I will shape it more over coming days.

That is it from my side guys. Hope you enjoyed this little conversation. I will see you guys sooner with new articles.



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  • Mohan

    Congratulations…And All the best for your future Endeavors

  • RamiVemula

    Thanks Mohan…!!!

  • saurabh

    Congrats Rami!! Great work.

  • Santhi

    Hi Rami Congratulations..!!!!!!!

    I expected this to you as I have been a constant follower of your aswers in forums:)

    Really you are an inspiration to many people like me.I sometimes wonder how you are managing your time for these many posts..?

    Any how I wish you goodluck & a very very Happy New year..

  • RamiVemula

    @Santhi – Thank you very much….!!!

  • RamiVemula

    @Saurabh – Thank you very much…!!!

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