Completed 10,000 Posts–Long and beautiful journey

Hello Guys,


Today I want to share a very personal happiest moment, which I am proud of. It is not related to work and nether to personal life, but it is related to love, love towards a technology. Today, a while ago I completed 10,000 posts at portal.

All this journey was started on 12th Aug, 2009 with a question about security of a text file with different options of storing it on webserver – Read Here. I got prominent answer from Matthew Harry and was able to solve it in different ways. During this particular conversation (and other conversations which I have involved with), I was fortunate to observe a lot of rigorous activity happening around ASP.Net technology. most of the conversations/discussions happening with peers of technology and the intensity of qualitative and quantitative questions asked in community provoked me to be the part of it without a question/doubt in my mind.

At the same time, my free time of being a unfortunate unemployed developer did helped me a lot in getting me more involved into this platform and vast diversified questions starting from basics to advanced security, normal controls to custom controls, around leaky abstractions, performance, SQL Server TSQL etc., have actually energized me to explore and share information which I do think is a prominent way to gather more knowledge.


I was used to spend daily some time over forums for two reasons – one to learn and second is to understand how people around the world using technology for solving specific business problems. My vision is around interpreting the right solution to a right problem rather than on its counterfeit. In the process, I started sharing my perspectives around technologies, solve other folks technical problems and even explore new technologies which are booming in market place.

In the process, I was fortunate to get interaction with technical gurus (please take a look at TOP 25 – Hall of Fame). Over the period of time, I was able to get some valuable constructive criticism form different forum members on some specific conversations. Some times I was right in middle of rude people, but most of the times I was surrounded with very helpful people who got very good patience to understand and make community better.

My experiences @forums varies drastically through different categories of people. I met people who are desperate in solving their contextual problems regardless of learning, people who are willing to pay if you solve the problem, people who are passionate about technology and learning new things, people who wants to be architects, people for whom coding is just an habit, people who are professionals etc., For all of them my way of solving their problems is to make them learn how to fish, but not just give them directly. I am more interested in the approach of solving the problem rather than the technology, of course technology matters but in my perspective to only certain extent till you connect dots. Dots can be connected in different ways, but we can only connect them right way by understanding the puzzle which we are trying to solve.

At this junction I need to talk about My 2012 Year @Forums. This year January, I was re-awarded with Microsoft MVP for the year 2012, and I personally think I should have done much better that what I contributed to community in 2011, so I started this year in a rigorous way and continued my forums contribution at a stretch for 5 months, I was able to post 4,500+ posts till date and still counting. I had a target of 11,500 Posts by this year end, which I am looking forward as the next milestone in my busy work environment.

I am also planning to step up with, but before that I need to accomplish my specific tasks I am looking prospective that I can be able to do all contributions for this year. At this junction when I look back, I feel proud for myself for being proactive in learning and acquiring good experience @forums. Also I need to thank fellow forum members, MVPs and All-Stars for sharing lot of valuable information through out.

Want to check out my profile? Here is the link –

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  • Lester

    You have written an incredible site.

  • Sandeep Mittal

    Great Job!!!

  • Shanti

    Hi Rami

    This is Shanti from Chicago.I have been following your posts in forums.It is a success which you truly deserved.I congratulate you on your success and wish you all the best for your future.


  • RamiVemula

    @Shanti – thank you very much.

  • Vishal Ranjan (geniusvishal)

    Hi Rami,

    Just got the chance to watch this post.. Its been always nice to have such motivational people around you.. I am in the same stage what you were a couple of years ago.. I passed out with no job in hand .. Tried around six months outside with no luck.. Finally got an opportunity to learn ASP.Net and in one year reached this milestone which i think was impossible for me without the guidance of people like you and ruchira who gave me advice time to time to shape myself into what i am today..

    Today I have my own blog, planning for my website.. Heading towards star status in the forum.. Got job in MNC.. and ofourse learning new things..
    This is what i achieved in around 11 months..

    My friends in the college told that u are pathetic with the coding and the truth was that i didnt even know C when i passed out my graduation but i tried tried and tried again to achieve what i am today..

    Thank You Rami.. You are surely to become a ASP.Net Legend like Mike,XIII and Matthew Macdonald. Wishing You all the best for your future..

  • RamiVemula

    @geniusvishal – Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them. I have one suggestion for you. Never loose your hope and never try to do so many things at a time. I wish all the very best to you and for your future endeavors.