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At times I think about the actual meaning to the word – HUMANITY. In my context of thinking, understanding and reasoning, I don’t think that the word humanity is used just because of being human. Unless and until I received the picture displayed below from my teacher Mr. P. Srikanth, I am in search of its (humanity) meaning. But finally I got to understand it (humanity) clearly and perfectly.

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Kevin Carter

As we humans becoming more sophisticated, our nature is turning out to be more mechanical. It’s because of us the global warming threatening the extinction of human race in certain parts on the globe. In my point of view, sophistication means the usage of appropriate things in appropriate situations, but we changed it to usage of appropriate things in excessive quantities at inappropriate situations. We consume natural resources excessively, we chop forest woods unlimitedly, we hunt animals, we contaminated waters, we polluted air, we increased radiation etc….all these things what we are doing returning back to us as an un-regrettable consequences in our day to day life.

The picture which I showed you on the top is just a sample of some unbelievable facts. We brought drought and famine not to the door steps of this world, but to our footsteps. We unknowingly became the creators of many disasters in the nature. After looking into that picture, I am confused to in determining whether it’s a vulture standing out there or its ‘WE’ standing out there. Undoubtedly and unfortunately it’s a difficult question to answer.

So it’s time my fellow people, to understand our mother nature properly and to rebuild what we have dismantled in the name of modernization. Let’s go to the work together. Help the world in any way feasible to one’s character. Utilize natural resources in more efficient way, say no to wars, and stop polluting air, water, earth, fire and sky.

These ungifted children are not asking any favors from us, they are just staring at us, looking into our eyes and expecting a little concern towards them. Let’s save every natural resource, let’s don’t waste food, let’s say yes to paperless and let’s spread this word to the people around us.

Last but not least, let’s convey everybody a HOPE that we are still humans and we will be humans forever. Finally, this is the meaning I understood for the word – HUMANITY.

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    very touching