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Dear Reader,

During the course of my journey in technology through Intstrings, I am fortunate to meet a lot of prospective and energetic people (typically developers). With my guest friends, I had great conversations around different contemporary technical problems and possible solutions. One observation which I made around these conversations is that, most of the time these discussions remain private (through Live chat, Skype, GTalk etc.,). I personally feel that a good technical discussion should always reach to public audience. So I started this page, through which I encourage my reader friends to suggest potential topics to me, so that I can suggest solutions through Intstrings.

Having said my belief and vision of this page, I need to set up the following etiquette for seamless experience –

  1. I may not be the right person to solve ALL technical enquiries related to DIFFERENT technologies. I will try my best to solve those which fall under by technology belt.
  2. Be aware of the fact that, once I provide a solution it will be a PUBLIC POST and will be visible through out web.
  3. Provide all relevant and sufficient information, so that I can better understand your query. Do not post your topic as a one-liner, be descriptive.
  4. Do not rush me for a possible solution. Like most of us, I am also an employee who works full-time, So I may not be able to address all enquiries right away immediately.
  5. Abusive content and irrelevant queries will be moderated.
  6. Last but not least, do not readily accept my solution as yours. It might fit, or might not. Always implement the solution by yourself, because you are the best judge of your requirement.

I would also suggest you to go through my Disclaimer. Lets collaborate and work together to get to great solutions. Enjoy your stay at Intstrings.

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