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Being a Microsoft MVP for third consecutive time

First of all I would like to convey my heartiest new year wishes to one and all. I wish may god bless you all with good fortunes, health and happiness. I do wish a prospective future and career for one and all.

Personally, I had a very good start to 2013. On Jan 1st evening, I was re-awarded with MVP award for 2013 by Microsoft in the technology of ASP.Net/IIS. This is the third consecutive time I was being awarded, I feel honored and proud. Before getting into details, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Microsoft for recognizing me from past three years and consistently helping me in learning and in reaching out to global audience with my voice.


Completed 10,000 Posts @forums.asp.net–Long and beautiful journey

Today I want to share a very personal happiest moment, which I am proud of. It is not related to work and nether to personal life, but it is related to love, love towards a technology. Today, a while ago I completed 10,000 posts at forums.asp.net portal. All this journey was started on 12th Aug, 2009 with a question about security of a text file with different options of storing it on webserver.


Trends in Technologies!!! Which way to Go?

Oops!!! Difficult question to answer, and also fairly complicated topic to address. Especially in this century where the technical world moving (migrating) from Technology to Technology at a very good pace. ‘Which way to go?’ – is the most common question (precisely DOUBT?) which creeps into a developer’s conscience from time to time. For a newbie (a person who starts coding with delighted dreams to achieve something pretty quickly in short span of time, and immediately stumbles with bunch of compile errors…just kidding), this topic is a bottleneck which leaves him with many new questions – ‘What am I doing?’, ‘Where am I going’, blah, blah…and blah. I will try to address this most commonly raised flag (or skeptical thought) in a generic human way.


Being a Microsoft MVP

Let me get started by wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year. I wish this new year would be more delightful and encouraging to one and all.

“I am a MVP” – huh…a heavy weight sentence from my heart. Continuing with this post will let you know the reason why I mentioned it as heavy weight. First let me quickly reconcile a bit of my past.

Three years back when I first stepped into ASP.Net 2.0 coding, I am a very good Electrical Engineer. I did research in EE, Control Systems blah blah blah…, with a good knowledge base in EE and when everything going perfect in Control Systems Design. But suddenly I started looking up (till date I don’t know the reason exactly) for something to make it as a HOBBY (folks knows, being an EE you tend to get mechanical parts and analog signals in your mind at some or the other point, where we need some other option to take out analog signals from our mind). I want to paint, learn guitar, play sports etc (OMG – Immediately realized that those are not going to be my ALICES’ in my wonderland).


Save the World

At times I think about the actual meaning to the word – HUMANITY. In my context of thinking, understanding and reasoning, I don’t think that the word humanity is used just because of being human. Unless and until I received the picture displayed below from my teacher Mr. P. Srikanth, I am in search of its (humanity) meaning. But finally I got to understand it (humanity) clearly and perfectly. Read More…