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Getting Started with Basic Github Shell Command Operations

Of late I was working with my buddies on some open source projects hosted in GitHub. In my continuous journey I was learning some basic Shell commands through which Git management can be easily accomplished. In this short tutorial, I am going to narrate on how to do simple Git operations through Git Shell. As a prerequisite download and install GitHub tools for Windows – http://windows.github.com/.


Session Management in Azure WebRoles using Azure Cache Service

Traditional ASP.Net developers can’t imagine their life without the usage of Session Object (either – InProc or State Server or SQL Server or Custom modes). Devs use this powerful API not only to persist sensitive information on server for some time intervals, but also to transfer data objects across postbacks between different pages.

Problems with session management arises when we go on to the Webfarm (or typically multiple instances of web server), especially where a typical load balancer comes in between the client and server farm. When a ClientA makes a first request, which is being routed to ServerA, then ServerA creates a session object. But what if simultaneous requests from ClientA goes to ServerB? As Session object is in ServerA, there will be Null Object reference exception getting thrown.


Upload large files to Azure Blob Storage through Azure Web Role WebApi services and Azure Cache Service

The main aim of this project is to provide a working scalable solution for uploading large files to server. In this modern era, when web development taking modern cloud workflows, it is time for us to solve the traditional problems which we encounter in uploading files in a more easier and simpler way. We pretty much experience traditional ASP.Net Web problems at the time of working with file uploads which range from 4MB to hundred’s of MBs. Even though ASP.Net allowed some provisions (which would make uploading files easier) by making some Config changes (for example – maxRequestLength and executionTimeOut), still server timeouts and long running connections are creating chaos in this particular requirements.