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Create Nuget package from .Net Core 1 Class Library

In this tutorial we are going to see how to create a Nuget package from .Net Core 1 Class Library project. In previous versions of .Net, creating a nuget from class library is a big task which involves in adding build artifacts and dependencies. Starting from .Net Core, creating a nuget package made simpler and it is supported by Dotnet CLI.


Add Dependencies to Nuget Package using Nuget Package Manager

In my last tutorial we created a new nuget package from scratch using Nuget Package Manager. In this tutorial we are going to see how to include dependent libraries which are required for our nuget to be completely functional. Adding dependent libraries along with nuget makes them available to the target application at the time of installation of our nuget. Dependent libraries can be added through Nuget Package Manager at the time of creating package.


Create a simple Nuget Package for a DLL using Nuget Package Manager

Nuget packages changed the way how we used to distribute our code to different audiences. I still remember those days when we zip up the code with a large document containing integration steps, and pass it to all audiences. Nightmares comes in the form of releasing patches and next versions. I am taking this opportunity to document necessary steps to create a nuget package from scratch.